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Titanic And Her Sisters 

Welcome to Titanic And Her Sisters official website, we provide more than any site like us. We offer latest news about Titanic, Olympic and Britannic, we also offer great range of pictures and videos.

You will aslo find out the latest about Titanic II which is currently in heavy planning and is due for 2016, we also support some other projects like Replica Olympic & Replica Britannic

The Sisters Story 

We will begin our story of the Titanic in the year 1907.This year is the year the White star line decided to buy three new ocean liners.The white star line company wanted a liner that would be better than any other in terms of size and quality.They would be also be fact .By 1915 the the ship builders Harland and Wolf had built three of the finest ocean liners that were put to sea All of these ships were known as the Olympic class ,they all have a different story to tell. 

The first of theses liners was called Olympic .She was launched on October 20th, 1910. and is often  referred to as the twin sisters because they were identical .she was luxurious and completed 24 years at sea.she was used as a troop -ship during World War 1 where she sank a german U-boat The decommissioned in 1935!

The second and the most of theses ships was called the Titanic launched in 1911 the Titanic was billed as the largest moving object made by the hand man in all history. Her size and stability not to mention her luxury was just as esquisite as her sister ship the Olympic. Nicknamed the "Unsinkable" Sadly Titanic did not even survive her maiden voyage .she went down with 1500 people on board after striking an ice-berg. 

The third ship was to be called the Gigantic ,however after the titanic disaster this was change to Britannic.Launched on 1914 she went to sea while Britain was fighting the first world war. The government immediately used her as a hospital ship .The ship made only six voyages before she struck a mine in the Mediterranean Sea and sank in less then an hour with the loss of 30 people .

Poem : Olympic

My Final Journey My life has been so hard. Losing my dear younger sisters. Going to war with the man. I was once called Old Reliable.

For many years I ruled the seas. Now its time for the end. So many things have changed. 

The men don`t need the old ships anymore. My final journey is coming. I will be with my sisters again. The month is March of 1935. 

They are breaking me down. The memories are gone forever. Tears come down my face. So much pain I am in.

Now I feel the pain my sisters went through. I may be gone. But the stories of the three grand sisters will never be forgotten. Also lesson that men learned from the Titan sisters. 

Poem made by: Crystal Nunes, East Taunton, USA
Released By Titanic And Her Sisters @ 2012

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